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You may be wondering…

Why Hire a Resume writer?

Are you having problems conveying your value? Issues condensing your accomplishments into brief yet powerful bullet points? Not getting interviews? Unsure where to start? These are all good reasons why to hire a professional resume writer. 

As a certified professional resume writer, I’m trained to showcase your voice and career accomplishments while also being knowledgeable of current trends in human resources, resume and cover letter writing, keyword optimization and how to best utilize LinkedIn.

Hiring a resume writer is just like engaging with any other professional service. Most people hire a hair stylist instead of learning how to cut hair. Many employ an accountant to do their taxes and dry cleaning is outsourced to a professional laundry service.

Instead of taking the time to learn and perfect the art of resume writing while your job search is on the line, I it for you. It's a wise investment that pays dividends for your career progress and growth. 

What makes you different from other Resume writing services?

My trademark is fostering a collaborative partnership to open the door for your next opportunity. You work with me from start to finish. No resume mill. No generic, boring career documents and profiles. I collaborate with you one-on-one to learn about you. I study your professional accomplishments and experiences and understand your goals to get you there. Each client is unique, therefore each resume is distinctive and original. 

What are the benefits?

More time. No more agonizing over word choice or how to format your resume. The hard work is done for you. You can apply for jobs that match your skill set with certainty because our career documents land on the decision-maker's desk.

More money. Purchasing interview suits, picking up the tab at networking lunches and coffee dates and dry cleaning bills to freshen said newly acquired suits stack up over the long term. Invest in quality, keyword optimized career documents for a shorter job search.

Less stress. Exchange fear for confidence. Our partnership allows you to shine as you recognize and believe in your value. Let me give you the words to confidently communicate your skills as you network, make connections and apply for jobs.  

I am happy to provide resume samples upon request when considering the purchase of a custom, handcrafted resume. Please note that because each client is unique each resume is unique as well. A resume format that may work for one client may not be best for another with a different job target and/or work experience.

Do you supply resume samples?

Professional resumes are the name of the game. I do not write curriculum vitaes (CV).

Will you write A CV?