Dress Like A Boss: One Simple Promotion Strategy

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Are your closet conundrums affecting your climb on the corporate ladder?

A recent Robert Half study reveals that 80% of managers feel clothing choice affects a person's chance of being promoted.

With office dress codes ranging from leggings to suit jackets, the question remains: WHAT TO WEAR?

But let's be honest, your clothes aren't the real issue here. It's the thing behind the thing. Your choice of wear is the visual representation of your credibility, trustworthiness and confidence.

If you feel like you are in the 'worst dressed' category at work, try:

✔︎ A fashion service: Check out Stitch Fix (an online personal styling service) or Armoire (a clothing rental service) to try new styles.

✔︎ A coach: If you are local to Indianapolis, connect with Nicole Blair Wear, a personal brand and stylist expert.

How do you see this play out in your professional world? What resources do you recommend?

Curiosity Opening Doors: Libby Baney on The Open Door Interview

Who was your childhood career hero/heroine?

My friend and recent Open Door Interview guest, Libby Baney admired and wanted to be THE Barbara Walters as a kid. So much so she contemplated dressing up as her for Halloween.

While far fetched at the time, Libby's dream of being like Barbara Walters really did come true! As a dynamic public policy advocate, strategist and facilitator, Libby makes a global impact on policies and issues confronting health stakeholders, particularly digital health (basically where the internet, technology and health meet).

Join our conversation to hear how Libby attributes her career success to staying curious and her willingness to grow even when she wasn't "ready."

One 20-minute Exercise can impact your Career Advancement

We are obsessed with our 'to-dos' instead of 'done-well.' Have you recently taken the time to catalog your career wins?

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Each quarter set aside 20-minutes to document your professional successes. If you find yourself staring at a blank page or blinking cursor use the following prompts to jog your memory:

➤ What CHALLENGES did you face this quarter?

➤ What ACTIONS did you take in response to those challenges?

➤ What were your RESULTS?

Then, go back and quantify within the prompts as much as you can (i.e. revenue dollars, number of staff on your team, the volume produced, etc.).

💥 Boom💥 You just created bullet points to keep your resume fresh and up to date!

What is your go-to method for remembering your professional wins?

One Childhood Lesson that informs a High-Performing Resume

Show don't tell.

We all know this well. Travel back in time to your kindergarten classroom to revisit the lego creation or favorite stuffed animal you brought in to share with your class. Seriously, do you remember?

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Now, use your muscle memory to replace your display of childhood trinkets with quantifiable results on your resume.

So, ditch vague TELL descriptors like:

❌ Revenue-driven

❌ Hard worker

❌ Results-oriented

Instead, SHOW quantifiable metrics. Share NUMBERS like:

💡Dollar Amounts - Money saved or earned.

💡Time - Speed of service or deadlines met.

💡Percentages - Increases in market share or efficiency.

For those who, like me, aren't math whizzes, use the percentage calculator [percentagecalculator.net] as an online helper.

A New Study Reveals the #1 Reason People Lie on their Resume

The number one reason people lie on their resume?

GoBankingRates recently asked over a thousand people about the truthfulness of their resume. 5% of those surveyed admitted to lying (which you can guess is never a good idea), but the interesting part is the WHO and WHY.

WHO❓Women more than men (41% versus 18%) lied on their resume.

WHY❓ Cover employment gaps.

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While the findings may be surprising to some, the stat makes sense. More women take breaks to raise children and assist an aging parent (etc.) while also facing the REAL negative stigma of employment gaps in the hiring process. According to a recent ResumeGo study, candidates with gaps in work history were 45% less likely to be invited for an interview.

But there is HOPE!

In that same ResumeGo study, however, those who provided a REASON for their work gap on their resume and cover letter received 60% more interviews.

So instead of leaving your gap to the imagination or dismissing your integrity upon clicking the apply button, explain the gap!

The Art of the Elevator Pitch: Know YOUR Story to Land your Next Job


Today, the National Resume Writers Association Ask-The-Expert blog tackles how job seekers should share their story at in-person networking events. While an elevator pitch can feel sales-y and icky, the concept is simple - know your story. Flip the script on need in the job search. Share where you are going and invite others in on the journey. Here’s how:

➔ Introduce yourself. Take the courage to actually meet new people instead of hanging with the people you know. Instead of asking people what they do, ask how they spend their time or what project they are working on. Get to know the whole person, not just the professional part of their life.

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➔ Share what makes you unique. Your job search should have focus. You are targeting particular positions and specific companies. Share what makes you unique in your current field/role/company/etc. as it relates to your job search.

➔ Share you destination. Invite people along in your job search journey. We never arrive to new places alone. Share how you want to use your skills in a new place or position and ask about their landing place - how did they get to where they are today.

➔ Genuinely connect. People want to help people they like and trust. Be a genuine inquirer of their unique skills, journey and work.

Networking is about connecting. We all have a story. Know yours.

Find out the ONE day U.S. Workers are MOST productive

Does your productivity change because of your choice of workspace or city of residence? A new Accountemps study reveals yes!

According to 2,800 U.S. workers, where you live, the day of the week and even your age matter in how and where you are most productive.

Do any of these results ring true for you?

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Coherence over Balance: Work + Life

Do your career and life have coherence? Let's drop work/life balance from our vocabulary.

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co・her・ence [noun]: the quality of forming a unified whole.

According to the Barna Group, 50% of women are somewhat satisfied with their lives with 59% of all women (62% of moms) are dissatisfied with work/life balance. Women's priorities in the study didn't match their time commitments on their calendars. While some of this can't change, we can view our lives as a whole rather than segments to keep in balance.

Projects and tasks change in different sectors of our lives, but let's not lose the unifying threads that make you, YOU: friendship, hobbies, family, faith, etc. Instead of getting bogged down by logistics and perfection of balance, let's authentically show up without guilt or shame.

How does this play out practically?

✔︎ Use vacation time to do something you love.

✔︎ Share a meal with your neighbors. Pizza on the front lawn or backyard is easy!

✔︎ Take on the project that lights your heart on fire!

✔︎ Try something new at work or personally!

✔︎ Take your kids to soccer practice guilt-free (even if you have to leave work early!)

Show up only as you can! A unified, whole person. Coherence over a balancing act.

My BEST Tip in Hiring a Resume Writer

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How do you foster valuable relationships? By spending quality time, right? Sharing your inner longings, dreams, ambitions.

A valuable connection takes time to learn about you. Same goes with your resume writer.

My worthwhile friends understand the core of who I am and cheer me on in my personal and professional growth.

If you partner with a resume writer that spends little time getting to know you, your career goals and experiences - you'll gain little value from the relationship and modest momentum in your job search.

However, if you invest in a quality, collaborative resume writer who LISTENS, ASKS QUALITY QUESTIONS, LEARNS and UNDERSTANDS you and your career goals, just like a best friend - the relationship is PRICELESS. The movement is soaring.

Don't get by with cheap friendships in your personal life or a cheap resume writer to pursue your professional endeavors.

You'll get the value you invest.

Let’s unlock your next best opportunity together. Get started!

Choose Your Own Adventure: 3 Career Clarifying Tips to Market Yourself in the Job Search

Choose your own adventure. It's not just a book genre. It's your life!

Job seekers, in particular, you get to DECIDE what to pursue. Make sure you are making the choice! Being generic and putting out broad materials about WHO you are and WHAT you've done is doing everyone a disservice. Especially you.

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Choose adventure-specific marketing in your career documents and networking.

How do you do it? Choose a job target and position yourself accordingly. Unsure which professional route you want to take? Try:

✅ Identifying your key skills. What are you known for? What problems are you an expert at solving? What makes you different from colleagues in your profession? Use your key skills as search terms on LinkedIn and see what positions pop up.

✅ Deductive reasoning. If you are at a total loss for next steps, flip the process on its head. Sometimes knowing what you want to do starts with recognizing what you DON'T have any desire to do! Reduce your options by using O*NET Online > www.onetonline [dot ] org/find/.

✅ Talking to people. Be a student of those that are in positions that pique your interest. Request new connections on LinkedIn. Ask for a brief chat to learn the nuts of bolts of what they do. Note industry transitions, specific skills and experiences that paved their way.

Need a few more tips to clarify your career focus? We’ve got you. Download free here.