Not Your Typical College Class: 3 Modern Resume Tips

Meg Applegate, Certified Professional Resume Writer - Resume Writing Workshop.jpg

It was a joy to return to my old stomping grounds today as a resume writing workshop presenter to Philanthropic Studies majors at the IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy. A few highlights from our time together chatting about resumes for an internship search:

A resume is a marketing document not an obituary. Be strategic about the professional narrative you write for your resume. Don’t feel the need to include every job you’ve had or volunteer activity. Choose strategically.

Objectives are out; branded statements are in! Share what makes you unique and qualified to assume the role you are applying for. Emphasize your value instead of the purpose of your search.

Let the job posting influence the language in your resume. Note the themes, qualifications and wording in the job posting to tweak your resume toward that specific internship.

Need a guidance to modernize your resume? Download our resume branding mini-workbook here.