We Finish Each Other's Sandwiches: Three Email Tips

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We finish each other’s sandwiches...I mean sentences.

I don’t mind Gmail finishing my sentences. In fact, I’m always looking for email shortcuts.

As a university academic advisor, I was delivering much of the same information via email just in different ways to different students. I tried to find email tricks to work smarter, not harder.

Some email shortcuts that work for me:

📌 Create template emails in my drafts folder to copy/paste and then tweak.

📌 If you email through outlook ➝ use the “quick parts” function or Gmail ➝ Canned Responses for any information you share frequently.

📌 Enable send and archive button to keep your inbox fresh and clean.

Tell me all your email time-saving tips! Who can't spare a few more minutes in their day?

P.S. Catch that Frozen reference, Disney fans? 😉