Job Search Strategy: Halloween Style

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The job search is like trick-or-treating. Indulge me. It’s Halloween after all.

My kids’ aim today is CANDY…and lots of it. Rain or shine.

My six-year old’s “plan” is to use the entirety of the trick-or-treating hours to amass a large amount of candy.

We do this in the job search too. We want to fill our time with activity rather than strategy.

Instead of knocking on every neighborhood (ahem.. company) door. Do your research. Talk to people.

🎃 Learn if the company fits your values. Halloween translation: Are you looking for the house that passes out full-size Snickers bars or the one that gives out apples?

🎃 Know who you are. Halloween translation: Know your costume. Be able to describe who you are among the mass of trick-or-treaters.

🎃 Search in community. Halloween translation: It’s more fun to trick-or-treat with others than going solo. And when you spill your candy bucket all over the sidewalk or trip on your costume, you’ve got someone there to help you up.

What other Halloween parallels can you come up with for the job search?