ONE Trick To TRIPLE Your Interview Chances!

Meg Applegate, Certified Resume Writer, Hinge Resume Collaborative.jpg

I’m not lucky. I’ve never won a raffle or a contest and believe me, I’ve entered my fair share.

A friend even told me a “fool-proof” trick: bend the corner of your paper ticket when entering a drawing to ensure your number will be called. Nope. No such guarantee for this girl.

Job seekers, you may be relying on your superstitious tricks or a lucky rabbit’s foot without any luck too. For you, I have good news.

According to Jobscan [dot] co, an applicant can triple their chances of landing an interview when they tailor their resume towards a job posting.

TRIPLE! That sounds like much better odds.

So, set a timer for 20 minutes and start tweaking! Note the qualifications and themes represented in the role to influence your resume while also mirroring the posting’s language.

This is just one way a job seeker can increase their odds to land an interview. What have you found effective?

If you need additional guidance on how to tweak your resume, download our resume branding mini-workbook.