Three Resume Tips That Make ALL The Difference!

I really enjoyed spending an hour in my corner office at Hinge HQ (yep, a sweet little nook in my home 😉) chatting with Clemson University graduate students about modern resume writing principles for their upcoming job search.

Certified Professional Resume Writer_Meg Applegate_Resume Webinar.jpg

⭐︎A few takeaways⭐︎

📌 Your resume is a marketing document, not an obituary. No need to include all your work history and details about your life. Include what is relevant to your job target.

📌 Ditch the old school objective statement at the top of your resume and instead, replace with a branded statement.

📌 Articulate your accomplishments to indicate your future value.

Need help in any of these areas? Check out our resume branding mini-workbook for more guidance.