Wake up your Resume: 3-Steps for Powerful Bullet Points

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When you look at your resume do you want to take a nap? Most people’s eyes glaze over and droop to a close at the look of black font, dreary design elements and lackluster employment information.

Wake up your resume! It is about YOU after all! Your life. Your professional accomplishments. You aren’t boring so don’t let your resume be.

An easy way to infuse personality into your resume is to showcase your professional accomplishments, not just routine job duties.

Think of a notable professional win. Do you have it?

OK. Let’s break it down using the C.A.R method: Challenge, Action Result.

Challenge ➝ Identify the challenge you faced.

Action ➝ How did you address the problem?

Result ➝ What was the outcome?

Then, quantify. Here’s an example:

Bullet point example, Hinge Resume Collaborative.png

Show off your professional wins to indicate your future value to a prospective employer. Lead with your impact.

Need further guidance? Use our bullet-point resume writing formula here.