The Open Door Interview: Volunteer to Executive Director

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Do you ever wonder how successful people get to where they are? What sequence of doors did they open or pass by? Who impacted them? What advice did they take and which did they discard?

I know I do.

With the new year around the corner, we are trying something new - The Open Door Interview!

Each month I will chat with a professional about their straight (and not so straight!) career path and the unlikely doors they opened to get to where they are today! Together, we will discover the keys to their success.

Meet my friend Beverley Stafford. She is the Executive Director of the National MS Society. Bev and I go back ten years, to 2008. She was the very first volunteer I recruited in my first nonprofit job out of college.

Listen as she gives us a peek inside her career journey from volunteer to Executive Director. She divulges her childhood career dreams and the hurdles she faced to finish her college degree. Bev also encourages us to stay present and scrappy seeing our career path with purpose; to do our best work no matter how small (or mundane) the task.

Listen to our conversation here.

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