Meaning in Momentum: Catalog + celebrate your Achievements

It’s year-end. Well, almost. Celebrate with me!

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My husband and I started a tradition when we were first married to sit down together each December and take stock of our year. It was my husband’s idea.

We take time to intentionally remember the ups and downs of our past 12 months. We catalog our highlights (and low lights) in a journal with happenings ranging from new jobs and babies to failed home projects and silly family moments.

I decided this year I will replicate this process similarly for myself professionally. Today, I will take an hour to write down my accomplishments and unexpected wins. I want to own and remember what I’ve done this year as I set goals for next year.

Celebrate with me by writing down what you’ve accomplished this year. Catalog and celebrate!

Reflect on what you’ve accomplished in order to articulate your value, most importantly to yourself and then perhaps to your boss, your team and/or even a prospective employer.

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