Ditch the Boots: Start 2019 Light

I recently heard the statistic that 7 out of 10 Americans dislike like their job.

I’ve been in a job that I dreaded. It felt like I was walking through mud in rain boots.

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The newness of the gig wore off and my ideal expectations of the position were replaced with a job description that really didn’t fit my giftings. I started to drown in the details. The pit in my stomach revealed anxiety rather than excitement.

Are you trudging through your day needlessly tired by the end? No longer inspired by your work? You are not alone. You don’t have to keep putting the boots on each morning.

Within the misery, I began reflecting on what brought me to that specific position, what I enjoyed in the work and what was missing. I found I loved building relationships and connecting others to their personal passion. I realized my strengths in brainstorming and possibilities rather than planning event details. This reflection led to a better fitting, more fulfilling career.

Do the work of reflection on the precipice of the new year to identify a job target that is in the sweet spot of your natural skills and abilities. Find hope in the possibility of skipping effortlessly through the beach sand rather than trudging through the mud.

Start 2019 light. Ditch the boots.

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