Ensure your Communication Sticks: 3 Resume Tips

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Leaders fail in communication two-thirds of the time. 

According to Tim Pollard, author of “The Compelling Communicator,” executives’ perceived overall leadership ability and critical thinking skills are undermined by poor presentation delivery.  

Additionally, data suggests that 80% of what leaders share in a presentation is instantly forgotten. 

Could these statistics translate similarly to your resume? 

Take a look. What is your resume communicating about you? Is it memorable? Will your resume stick in someone’s memory long after you click APPLY? Keep your resume sticky with:

🍯A simple structure: Make it easy for recruiters and hiring managers to discover who you are and the value you bring.

🍯Tailored content: Write toward the pain points of your prospective employer. Clearly illustrate why YOU are the solution to their problem.

🍯Specific accomplishments: Lead with your results in your bullet points instead of getting bogged down by mundane job duties. Explain the challenges you faced, how you addressed them and then, share your results.