Take your Job Search to the Next Level with Gumption

I’ve been chatting with some pretty amazing (and successful!) professionals recently and I’m finding a common thread in their stories: Gumption.

Meg Applegate_Hinge Resume Collaborative.jpg

GUMPTION [/ˈɡəmpSH(ə)n/]: A spirited initiative or resourcefulness.

I love that phrase - ‘spirited initiative.’ When applied to the job search it could take on many forms particularly in how you present yourself, in-person and within your career documents.

If you or your search is feeling lackluster, seek to:

+ Engage people. Proactively connect with people and I don’t just mean in the typical ask-someone-to-a-coffee-meeting sort of way. Really show interest in people with your body language and eye contact. Smile. Notice the admin to the CEO on the daily.

+ Address pain points. Connect your professional accomplishments with a target company’s challenges through story via cover letter, resume and at the interview.

+ Take risks. Apply for jobs where you don’t meet every qualification. Connect with people that seem out of your league. Try that freelance gig on the side. People who take risks aren’t afraid to fail (ahem, learn;)

+ Write notes by hand. After an interview genuinely thank the interviewer for having you. Restate your interest in the position and recall a memorable moment of discussion.

How has gumption taken you to the next level? Where can you apply it in your job search?