Better Trumps Perfect: Continue with your Goals

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The tyranny of perfect.
Perfect closes the door. It asserts that we’re done, that this is the best we can do. Worse, perfect forbids us to try. To seek perfection and not reach it is failure.

The possibility of better.
Better opens the door. Better challenges us to see what’s there and begs us to imagine how we could improve...Better invites us in and gives us a chance to seek dramatic improvement.
— Seth Godin

It’s hard for me to be satisfied when anything is less than perfect. In fact, my life feels pretty out of control and in disarray when <fill in the blank> is incomplete or not my best.

It could be my home, a project, my career, you name it. I’m sure you have your own areas you could place in the blank.

No one told me that ‘perfect’ is impossible to attain. I’ve been under the tyranny of perfect in the words of Seth Godin.

This new year I am opening the door to better instead of closing the door in the failure of perfection by:

+ Celebrating small wins amidst setbacks when making progress toward my long term goals.

+ Prioritizing people over projects.

+Giving myself grace in my limitations and failures.

What goals have you set for 2019 that you’ve already missed the mark on? I had a bunch of goals to reach in anticipation of the new year and many of them I didn’t reach. I am choosing to move forward in the “better.”

So don’t worry if you messed up your new work out plan or had a misstep in your job search. Imagine the possibilities when moving forward instead of shutting the door on progress.

I plan on choosing “better” over perfection this year. In what areas of your life will you do the same?