What do people think about You? One FREE way to find Out!

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I’ve always wanted the ability to read people’s minds. Now you can.

Find out what people think of you based on your LinkedIn profile headshot with Photofeeler.

Photofeeler is a data science company that according to their website helps people “land good jobs and life partners.” You can now learn if people find you competent, likable and influential in categories of business, social and dating.

I decided to give it a go with my LinkedIn profile photo!

Photofeeler test start.png

Just download your photo, choose a category and enter your job title. Then wait for votes from others regarding your competency, likability and influence.

Check out my results from my LinkedIn profile photo:

Photofeeler test.png

I recommend to test out a few photos and then choose the photo that best represents YOU and the vibe you want to project. Whether you are heading into a job search or leveraging your expertise online, effectively optimize your photo for your professional endeavors.