Increase your worth by 7%


Increase your worth by 7%? You heard that right!

A new research study by TopResume indicated that professionally written resumes not only perform better than DIY documents but increase your worth. Another perk? You land faster.

I find this anecdotally with my clients as well. A recent client doubled his salary after our collaboration.

TopResume's findings uncovered that recruiters perceive candidates with professionally written resumes to be worth 7% more than those without them. 

Of those candidates, 68% secured that job within three months of having their resume professionally written and 42% of them moved on to a higher-level position.

So, what should you look for in a resume writer? Make sure your resume writer:

Understands your career goals.
High-performing resumes are written toward your job target. Writers author documents for robots (ATS) scanning for keywords AND to win over human readers.

Asks good questions.
Your resume writer needs to dig deep for quantitative and qualitative metrics in addition to understanding your unique competitive edge in the market.

Educates you on the process.
Hiring a resume writer is an investment in your career. Ensure you understand and are on-board with their process as they vary among writers.

Open the door to new opportunities with me AND increase your professional worth. Let’s get started!