3 Steps to put feet to your Career Dreams

Meg Applegate, CPRW_Hinge Resume.jpg

Put feet to your dream career. Envision it so clearly you can taste, see, hear, smell and feel what it would be like to be in that job, a particular company, or leading the charge on that new business.

You can create dimensions to your dream by creating a vision board, writing it down or (gasp!) telling someone.

The feet of your dreams hit the pavement when you place parameters around it: the what and when. So:

☁️ Clarify your vision and/or job target. Know your specific dream job down to the detail. Create your own job description as a guide or find a posting that represents your ideal gig.

☁️ Set a due date. Set a goal of 'when' you want to be realizing your dream.

☁️ Decide on your daily effort. Decide what you will do each day to achieve your goal. Will you be reaching out to a certain number of people each day? Tweaking your career documents? Researching a company?

Then don't talk yourself out of it! Look at your vision board and/or written goals each day to remind yourself that your dreams are real...that you can say yes to them each day!

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