Optimize your LinkedIn Profile: Add Skills

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LinkedIn is a place to connect but it's also a search engine. Ditch your invisibility cloak. Make yourself easy to find among the half a billion professionals on the platform.

According to LinkedIn, approximately 40% of recruiters are using skills to search for talent. Easily optimize your profile with your skills section. You can have up to 50 skills listed on your profile. Click “Add a Skill” and utilize the skill suggestions and the auto-population feature in the search bar for clues on how people may search for professionals with your skill set.

Skills screen shot.png

Listing your skills also comes in handy when applying for jobs on LinkedIn. When you view a posting you can see how your expertise matches with the top 10 skills of the listed position.

Here are a few handy links to help:

Add/remove skills

Re-order your top-three skills