Give + Receive: The Power of LinkedIn Recommendations

Meg Applegate, Hinge Resume.jpg

Help a colleague grow. Add to their credibility and visibility by giving them a recommendation on linkedIn.

Profiles with recommendations rank higher in search results and you are three times more likely to be contacted than someone without a recommendation.

Unsure what to write? Tell a compelling story about a particular project, accomplishment or skill of your colleague.

Are you looking to add recommendations to your profile? Don’t be shy. Request them! Ask a potential recommender in person or over phone/email before sending the request on LinkedIn. I actually encourage my clients to write their own recommendations.

Yep, you heard me. This way you get to highlight the specific skill or achievement of your choosing (and it cuts the work out for the recommender!). From there, encourage the recommender to tweak, add or delete content from your original draft.

It’s a win, win for everyone!

Remember recommendations you write for others can be viewed on your profile as well so check your grammar and spelling and take pride in what you’ve written!

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