A New Study Reveals the #1 Reason People Lie on their Resume

The number one reason people lie on their resume?

GoBankingRates recently asked over a thousand people about the truthfulness of their resume. 5% of those surveyed admitted to lying (which you can guess is never a good idea), but the interesting part is the WHO and WHY.

WHO❓Women more than men (41% versus 18%) lied on their resume.

WHY❓ Cover employment gaps.

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While the findings may be surprising to some, the stat makes sense. More women take breaks to raise children and assist an aging parent (etc.) while also facing the REAL negative stigma of employment gaps in the hiring process. According to a recent ResumeGo study, candidates with gaps in work history were 45% less likely to be invited for an interview.

But there is HOPE!

In that same ResumeGo study, however, those who provided a REASON for their work gap on their resume and cover letter received 60% more interviews.

So instead of leaving your gap to the imagination or dismissing your integrity upon clicking the apply button, explain the gap!