One 20-minute Exercise can impact your Career Advancement

We are obsessed with our 'to-dos' instead of 'done-well.' Have you recently taken the time to catalog your career wins?

accomplishment journal, meg applegate, resume writer.jpg

Each quarter set aside 20-minutes to document your professional successes. If you find yourself staring at a blank page or blinking cursor use the following prompts to jog your memory:

➤ What CHALLENGES did you face this quarter?

➤ What ACTIONS did you take in response to those challenges?

➤ What were your RESULTS?

Then, go back and quantify within the prompts as much as you can (i.e. revenue dollars, number of staff on your team, the volume produced, etc.).

💥 Boom💥 You just created bullet points to keep your resume fresh and up to date!

What is your go-to method for remembering your professional wins?