3 Ways to Manage Mental Health in the Tug-of-War Between Career & Family

Who are your "unseen stakeholders" at work?

According to Stewart D. Friedman and Jeff Greenhaus from Drexel University, it is our children. Almost two decades ago, this researcher pair studied the relationship between work and family life, as they described as both "allies and enemies" in this Harvard Business Review article.

Not much has changed in that relationship, huh? We are all too familiar with the tug-of-war at times.

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The good news? The study, even then, found you can benefit your child's mental health by:


Being fully present with children during non-work time (i.e. not thinking about work or being distracted by your phone).


Your perspective about work matters for your kids' mental health. The study found "when parents cared about work as a source of challenge, creativity, and enjoyment, again, without regard to the time spent," children benefitted.


Both mothers and fathers taking time for themselves made them more psychologically present for their families.

❓What practices does your family have to benefit everyone's mental health?