Increase Email Replies with Two Words

Words we say and write matter. This is no surprise to me as a resume writer. But what about in our everyday humdrum email correspondence?

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Boomerang found in their analysis of over 300,000 emails that using certain greeting and closing words can influence the rate of reply.

How do you greet and close an email?

Before reading these research findings, my go-to's were to start with 'Hi <name>' and to close with 'Best, Meg'

Now I've made a change.

The study found the best success:

To start with:

'Hey' or 'Hi' for a 63-64% response rate. Ditch the 'Dear.'

To close with:

'Thanks in advance' or 'Thanks' boded the best with a 63-65.7% response rate. 'Best' came in 10% lower.

So whether you are exchanging emails with co-workers, seeking new connections or wanting to land a job, use the numbers in your favor! How do you greet and close your email reader?