One Key Phrase to Let Go of your Mistakes!

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How do you let go of mistakes? Can you let go or do you mentally get out your boxing gloves, beating yourself up?

Last week I had some calendar conundrums. My daughter missed a birthday party because of a calendar snafu and at one point, I double-booked myself. 

Can you shake off a mistake as just that - a mistake? Instead of ruminating, feeling shame or guilt, try just saying, OH WELL!

Oh well... I'm not perfect. I'll look at how I calendar to avoid this in the future.

Oh well...I messed up that report at work. I'll check in to see how I can make it right.

Oh well...I think someone misinterpreted what I said. I'll check in with that person to clarify.

I'm still a student of letting go. 

How do you give grace to your mistakes? Do you treat others' mistakes differently than your own?