One 20-minute Exercise can impact your Career Advancement

We are obsessed with our 'to-dos' instead of 'done-well.' Have you recently taken the time to catalog your career wins?

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Each quarter set aside 20-minutes to document your professional successes. If you find yourself staring at a blank page or blinking cursor use the following prompts to jog your memory:

➤ What CHALLENGES did you face this quarter?

➤ What ACTIONS did you take in response to those challenges?

➤ What were your RESULTS?

Then, go back and quantify within the prompts as much as you can (i.e. revenue dollars, number of staff on your team, the volume produced, etc.).

💥 Boom💥 You just created bullet points to keep your resume fresh and up to date!

What is your go-to method for remembering your professional wins?

Small Wins: A Daily Practice Boosts Creativity and Happiness at Work

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Are you happy at work?

We spend most of our time in the workplace and many of our feelings of success are tied to our professional identity.

Teresa Amabile & Steven Kramer in their book The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement & Creativity At Work, call this our inner work life - the perceptions, emotions and motivations, that people experience and react to in the workplace.

Amabile and Kramer found that over 28% of small events trigger big reactions. In fact, seemingly unimportant events can have a huge impact on our inner work life.

This is where our positivity comes in. When we feel valued and have positive perceptions about our organization and executive leadership, we cultivate positive emotions and intrinsic motivation toward our work. We have greater flexibility, become creative problem solvers and negotiators and are better equipped to tackle setbacks.

How can you boost your positivity when your workplace is less than ideal? Note your small wins throughout the day and your progress in your work. Face challenges? Who doesn't!? Write down your plan of attack for the next day. Make this a habit and you will be more positive at work and also have a healthier inner work life.

Implementing this daily exercise at the end of each workday makes your professional wins easily accessible to share in an annual review and to update your resume each quarter.