The Imperfect Job Search Club: We All Have a Membership!

No one told me growing up that perfection was unattainable.

Try-hard striving is my natural mode of operation. Endlessly trying to craft perfection out of the mess is exhausting. Is that what you feel when you are faced with resume writing? Are you overwhelmed by positioning your zig-zag career into the perfect match for the job you want?

I don't have a linear career path either. Maybe you hopped from job to job and can't seem to tie a cohesive career narrative together. Perhaps you are stepping back into the workplace after a career pause and feeling paralyzed by the modern job search.

Whatever twists and turns you have, welcome to the imperfect club. We all have a membership!

The good news? People want to hire real people. People with perseverance, character, grit, and wisdom. Use the lessons you learned and the skills you gained in your path to your advantage.

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Where can you start? Zoom out to discover your unique offerings! Start uncovering your value with these questions:

💡What strengths do others acknowledge in you?

💡 What feels fun to you, but seems like work to others?

💡 What skills do you use often (and like using!)?

💡Where do you get greater returns than the average person?

What has helped you hone your value to advance in your hashtag#career?

Add Strength to your Job Search

My kid's vice-principal and teacher came to our house yesterday. It's not what you think.

We go to a small school and when kindergarteners enter the school, it's like entering a family. They came to visit to get to know us. The kids made signs for their arrival, showed them their rooms and bounced around like little bunnies with excitement.

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But what stuck were the intentional questions they asked. Most poignantly, "What strengths do you see in your son?"

And it was such a good reminder to take time to SEE him. So often, I am consumed with the day-to-day wrangling, schedule and instilling civility that I don't take time to reflect on his strengths.

Have you taken time to reflect on YOUR strengths? Because they come so naturally, we often don't see ourselves accurately. Use your eyes in new ways today to actually SEE yourself and others!

P.S. Job seekers, your strengths are part of your branding toolkit to set yourself apart from other applicants. Don't miss the opportunity to talk about what you naturally bring to the table!

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