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Work is Stressful: Five ways to combat the Daily Grind

No matter your gender, seniority or generation, stress at work leaves no one untouched. According to LinkedIn, the number one stressor is workload (as it relates to work-life balance) followed by future job security and career direction/purpose.

This report found executive Gen-Xer's are the most stressed followed by Baby Boomers and then Millennials.

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How can you combat work stress to ENJOY your life and work?

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✔︎ Learn to say no. Know and understand your own priorities in both your work and personal life. When you say no to something, you are saying yes to something else.

✔︎ Upskill. Own your own professional development as an eager student to add to your skill set.

✔︎ Own your life (and work) as a journey. There is always time to pivot or recalibrate your career trajectory.

✔︎ Laugh! Find humor in small things.

✔︎ Do something you love. Whether during work or personal time, make time to do what you enjoy. Running? Re-decorating? Reading? Just do it!

What are your keys to less stress?

Better Trumps Perfect: Continue with your Goals

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The tyranny of perfect.
Perfect closes the door. It asserts that we’re done, that this is the best we can do. Worse, perfect forbids us to try. To seek perfection and not reach it is failure.

The possibility of better.
Better opens the door. Better challenges us to see what’s there and begs us to imagine how we could improve...Better invites us in and gives us a chance to seek dramatic improvement.
— Seth Godin

It’s hard for me to be satisfied when anything is less than perfect. In fact, my life feels pretty out of control and in disarray when <fill in the blank> is incomplete or not my best.

It could be my home, a project, my career, you name it. I’m sure you have your own areas you could place in the blank.

No one told me that ‘perfect’ is impossible to attain. I’ve been under the tyranny of perfect in the words of Seth Godin.

This new year I am opening the door to better instead of closing the door in the failure of perfection by:

+ Celebrating small wins amidst setbacks when making progress toward my long term goals.

+ Prioritizing people over projects.

+Giving myself grace in my limitations and failures.

What goals have you set for 2019 that you’ve already missed the mark on? I had a bunch of goals to reach in anticipation of the new year and many of them I didn’t reach. I am choosing to move forward in the “better.”

So don’t worry if you messed up your new work out plan or had a misstep in your job search. Imagine the possibilities when moving forward instead of shutting the door on progress.

I plan on choosing “better” over perfection this year. In what areas of your life will you do the same?

Flip the Script: 3 Ways to Create a New Narrative

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We tell ourselves stories. Are you familiar with yours?

Stories are powerful. They affect our day: how we engage with daily happenings, our relationships, how we approach our work and even our self-confidence. The stories we tell ourselves affect our behavior and decisions. What have you been telling yourself lately?

Perhaps work feels like a battlefield or you wake up thinking, “I can’t manage all of the things again today.” The stories we tell ourselves become truth in our brains even if it isn’t truth at all.

How can you flip the script for deeper fulfillment and energy to pursue your professional goals?

According to Monique Valcour and John McNulty, in their Harvard Business Review Article, “To Make a Change at Work, Tell Yourself a Different Story”, there a few simple action steps you can take to use your stories for your good:

Identify the stories you tell yourself. What thoughts are consistently on loop in your brain? It may take a few days to figure it out. What common phrases do you catch yourself saying in your head?

Examine how the story affects you. Do you feel free or limited by these phrases? Confident or the lack thereof? How do these stories affect your personal and professional relationships?

Flip the script with a new narrative. Once you identify the need for a different story - make new choices. Course correct! Tell yourself the truth over and over again.

Hayley Morgan, author of Preach to Yourself: When Your Inner Critic Comes Calling, Talk Back with Truth, identifies these bad news loops and explains that we can actually make new pathways in our brains, removing the old train of thought with the new. Therefore, choose to take a different path with new stories and beliefs.

Walk the pathway of freedom through daily course correction from limiting beliefs to liberating stories.

The Ordinary Overflow: Thanksgiving

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Let’s reflect on the significant and seemingly ordinary gifts in life today. Cultivating thankfulness for the multitude gifts in every day, as author Ann Voskamp describes the “life in between:”

My short list:

Messy rooms + fingerprints on the windows [kids at play]

Beard hairs in the sink [a loving husband]

An untidy kitchen [sharing a meal with friends and family]

May we overflow with thankfulness for the big events in our life but also for the ordinary in-between.

Happy Thanksgiving!

New Perspective + Current Adventure

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This morning we took crocodile and lizard in the hands of my two-year-old to register Hinge Resume Collaborative as a sole proprietorship downtown Indianapolis.

Our little field trip was filled with unexpected wonder observing the tall buildings, busy traffic and pedestrians through his eyes. I saw the cloudy circle city from his 3-foot point of view.

His wonder and delight inspired child-like hope within me for the Hinge Resume adventure.

What can you see anew today by shifting your perspective?

It’s the Little Things

It’s the little things.

They can bring serious havoc or reap hope.

Last month, I was reminded of the impact of the little things. One little louse (lice) shared from my daughter’s school imposed on our home and heads. Then, one small part of my watch broke making my watch unwearable. But also…


How one baby giggle can bring a whole family that is grumpy to laughter.

A word of praise brings a smile.

A “thank you” leads to greater appreciation.

An “I’m thinking of you” diminishes loneliness.

A manicure adds to one’s confidence.

A morning workout energizes your day.

What little things encourage you? How can you be intentional to bring hope with the little things this week for yourself and others?

Flip the Narrative of Work / Life Balance

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For most of us work/life balance is a constant struggle, right?

Adam Grant gave me permission to experience freedom in this area via Entreleadership's podcast to switch the narrative!

Replace BALANCE with work/life MANAGEMENT...and breathe a sigh of relief.

I may not be able to keep all the plates spinning in perfect balance all the time, but I can manage them. It gives me freedom to drop a few or focus on some at certain periods of time. Check out the episode (#268) here:

Goal Setting in the Wheel of Life


How are you at goal setting? Do you have goals in each area of your life?

In Dave Ramsey’s book, Entreleadership, Ramsey mentions how Zig Ziglar encourages goals in each spoke of "the wheel of life."

The wheel is made up of seven spokes:

1. Career

2. Financial

3. Spiritual

4. Physical

5. Intellectual

6. Family

7. Social

Do you have intentional goals in each of these areas? I know some of these "spokes" I like to pursue more than others.

If one part of the tire is deflated...well, you have a flat tire. This leads to a particular slow and bumpy ride.

How can you pursue growth and balance in your "wheel of life?" In what areas do YOU thrive in and which need more attention?

Small Wins Lead to BIG Success!

Celebrate small wins toward your long-term goal.

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I was reminded of the importance of small successes when potty training my youngest son a couple of weeks ago. Persisting toward your goal can be exhausting.

Celebrate each small victory! Small wins lead to BIG successes!

Go get 'em this week!

Ride the Bicycle of Belief & Courage

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When was the last time you faced one of your fears? I mean really tackled something you were scared of doing?

My daughter learned how to ride her bike without training wheels this past weekend. It was a BIG moment mostly because she conquered her fear.

The funny thing is she already learned last summer. We have a video to prove it, but she didn’t really believe she could do it. So, this summer we tried to get the bike out to ride, but she just wasn’t interested.

This past Friday, at the dinner table, she agreed to give it a go. On the first try, her bike flew out of my husband’s grip as she sped off yelling, “this is easy...I can do this!”

That evening, I learned a little bit more about the power of belief and the courage to act on it.

What ideas am I buying into that are holding me back? In what areas of my life can I take up courage and later yell back, “this is easy…I can do this!”?

What about you? How can you finish this week courageously?