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Do you have a Free Range Career? 3 tips to coalesce your Professional Experiences

When we talk about a 'career path' it gives the sense of a linear direction, but when I look at back at my professional history - my path is not well-worn or straight, but squiggly and intersecting. 

Have you roamed in wide open professional spaces creating trails instead of a well-worn path? Perhaps wandering from job to job has been your MO and now you are getting tired of lacking direction. Maybe your career path is similar to the chickens that lay the free-range eggs that you eat for breakfast. You like me, have a free range career. 

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If you are ready to gain a sense of direction or connect the dots of your wanderings to find a meaningful true north, start by nailing down a career target. To start:

+ Reflect on your professional paths. Take note of the wanderings that brought you to life and which drained you. 

+ Identify your key skills. What are you known for? What problems are you an expert at solving? 

+ Uncover your career values. Discover what motivates you and is most important to you. Is it prosperity? Creativity? Achievement? Discern the career values that are unique to you.

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3 Steps to put feet to your Career Dreams

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Put feet to your dream career. Envision it so clearly you can taste, see, hear, smell and feel what it would be like to be in that job, a particular company, or leading the charge on that new business.

You can create dimensions to your dream by creating a vision board, writing it down or (gasp!) telling someone.

The feet of your dreams hit the pavement when you place parameters around it: the what and when. So:

☁️ Clarify your vision and/or job target. Know your specific dream job down to the detail. Create your own job description as a guide or find a posting that represents your ideal gig.

☁️ Set a due date. Set a goal of 'when' you want to be realizing your dream.

☁️ Decide on your daily effort. Decide what you will do each day to achieve your goal. Will you be reaching out to a certain number of people each day? Tweaking your career documents? Researching a company?

Then don't talk yourself out of it! Look at your vision board and/or written goals each day to remind yourself that your dreams are real...that you can say yes to them each day!

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Burn Out: Know the Signs

Two-thirds of U.S. employees are feeling burned out at work.

According to the Indianapolis Business Journal, employees attribute their burn out to an unreasonably, heavy workload, among other reasons. In fact, 63% of burned-out employees were more likely to take a sick day. Has it ever occurred to you that your body may be sending you messages of your burn-out before you even recognize it!

If you are getting sick more often, suffer from chronic headaches or developing a pattern of insomnia, according to Monica Torres from the Huffington Post, these all may be red flags alerting you that your job may be toxic to your body.


Avoid the danger zone of burnout! A few cautionary tips:

- Listen to your body. Notice when symptoms are happening. Are you getting stomachaches on a Sunday evening in anticipation of work the next day? Is your typical tendency to worry crossing an unhealthy threshold? Take note. Get help when you need it. Exercise! Put taking care of yourself as a top priority.

- Take breaks. According to the IBJ, 212 MILLION vacation days were unused in 2017. So plan now for a vacation (or staycation)! If that isn’t feasible, sprinkle in a few mental health days to relax or do activities that bring you joy.

- Reframe your thinking. Take control of what you can. Manage unhealthy rumination through prayer or meditation. Focus on the blessings in your life through journaling.

With all this being said, sometimes the job just isn’t a good fit for your natural giftings and temperament. So, if possible begin a job search. Ensure that you do the work of knowing what settings and positions your skills and abilities may thrive!

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A Glue Stick + Your Dream Job

What do you want to be when you grow up?

No, seriously. There is still time to dream and to live out your dreams.

Develop a job description for your perfect job. Get out your kid's glue stick and gather old magazines and create a vision board. Envision your ideal personal and professional life down to the detail!

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Uncover your *most* important career values through this process. Is it essential to feel a sense of achievement in your job? Perhaps creativity? Maybe when you get down to it, it is really about making the big bucks. Figure it out!

Now, reach for it! Do one thing today to get you there.

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