Elevator Pitch

The Art of the Elevator Pitch: Know YOUR Story to Land your Next Job


Today, the National Resume Writers Association Ask-The-Expert blog tackles how job seekers should share their story at in-person networking events. While an elevator pitch can feel sales-y and icky, the concept is simple - know your story. Flip the script on need in the job search. Share where you are going and invite others in on the journey. Here’s how:

➔ Introduce yourself. Take the courage to actually meet new people instead of hanging with the people you know. Instead of asking people what they do, ask how they spend their time or what project they are working on. Get to know the whole person, not just the professional part of their life.

Meg Applegate, Certified Resume Writer + Ask The Expert.png

➔ Share what makes you unique. Your job search should have focus. You are targeting particular positions and specific companies. Share what makes you unique in your current field/role/company/etc. as it relates to your job search.

➔ Share you destination. Invite people along in your job search journey. We never arrive to new places alone. Share how you want to use your skills in a new place or position and ask about their landing place - how did they get to where they are today.

➔ Genuinely connect. People want to help people they like and trust. Be a genuine inquirer of their unique skills, journey and work.

Networking is about connecting. We all have a story. Know yours.