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Find Strength in your Job Search

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Take a note from The Terminator. If you are feeling discouraged or facing obstacles you are developing mental muscles.

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.
— Arnold Schwarzenegger

How can you develop strength in your job search?

💪🏻 Lean on your people. You will face rejection and discouragement. Seek out personal cheerleaders that will speak the truth about who you are and give you a boost of encouragement.

💪🏻 Try something new. If you are facing walls in your job search - switch it up! Go for a quick win by talking to someone new, researching a new target company or complete a #linkedin learning course to enhance your #skills.

💪🏻 Flex your physical muscles. Take time to take care of yourself. Complete the workout or go for a walk. Do a physical activity that you enjoy!

Close the Gap: Gain Confidence for your Career Leap


Career confidence. Do you have it? Does it require a leap of faith or steady steps forward?

Whether it is pursuing advancement or a leap in another direction, you’ll need to gather your courage.

Teeth gritted, dirt and rock under your feet, bent knees, arms back and then the lean forward...

To spring up with confidence you’ll need to take intentional steps before a BIG jump.

If you are looking to create forward momentum in an upcoming career change, consider these small, brave steps before you leap:

+ Volunteer (or job shadow). This sage advice is not just for college students. If you are looking to switch industries, put your boots on the ground by shadowing the position you want so you can live a day in the life. After, reflect on the fit particularly how it aligns with your giftings and values.

+ Talk to people. Is there someone living out your dream gig right now? Talk to them! Ask them how they got there and what tips they may have for you. Then ask who else they recommend you talk to! This way your conversation continues with new perspectives.

+ Rally a community. Surround yourself with wise friends, colleagues and mentors as you consider a change. Whether you call it your personal tribe or board of directors, seek others’ advice for a 360 view.

You will have more confidence in your career leap because you’ve done the work to close the gap of the unknown. Then, JUMP!

If you you want to make a change, but are unsure of your career direction nail down your job target with these free DIY tips.

Coaching Client Landed!

One email made my last Friday night!

I still feel like jumping up and down on behalf of my coaching client! She succeeded in landing a job at one of her target organizations just ONE month after we chatted job search strategies.

Experiencing an unexpected lay off is difficult, but she rallied. Join me in cheering her on as she starts her new gig!

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