Psst! One secret that will land you the Interview.

How important is LinkedIn really in the job search? New research findings by ResumeGo has our answer. The study found that job applicants who listed their LinkedIn URL (that led to a robust profile) on their resume were 71% more likely to land an interview than those that didn’t.

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So, there are two takeaways here:

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1.   Include your custom LinkedIn URL hyperlink on your resume AND

2.   Spend time crafting a comprehensive, on-brand profile.

Increase your chances of landing an interview by making a good digital first impression.

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The Mantel of LinkedIn: Your Headline

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I love interior design. I find how you decorate your home is a form of self-expression. Giving someone a peek into your home is like sharing a glimpse of you.

Your LinkedIn headline is much the same if you take advantage of the space. You see your headline is like the fireplace in your home – the centerpiece.

I live in a historic home and back in the day, the fireplace was the hub of the home for cooking and the focus of family gatherings. While today, we do our cooking elsewhere, the utility of a fireplace (keeping warm) pairs with the design focal point of a home – the mantel.

Your LinkedIn headline has the same components. On a platform with over a half a billion people, you need to be FOUND using the LinkedIn search bar with keywords (i.e. what you actually do). This is your utility. Do you sell insurance or program computers?

Now, keep the readers’ attention by giving a glimpse into your unique design. Just as you carefully select pieces for your mantel to display, do the same with the descriptors in your headline. Showcase your unique personality and skills like artifacts on your mantel.

Replace your current job title as your headline with your utility and unique design.

What tips or formulas have helped you write an effective LinkedIn headline?

How To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation

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Help a colleague grow. Add to their credibility and visibility by giving them a recommendation on LinkedIn.

Profiles with recommendations rank higher in search results and are three times more likely to be contacted.

Unsure what to write? Tell a compelling story about a particular project, accomplishment or skill of your colleague.

Are you looking to add recommendations to your profile? Don’t be shy. Request them!

Ask a potential recommender in person or over phone/email before sending the request on LinkedIn. Within the request, I encourage my clients to write their own recommendation.

Yep, you heard me.

This way you get to highlight the specific skill or achievement of your choosing [and it cuts the work out for the recommender!] From there, encourage the recommender to tweak, add or delete content from your original draft. It’s a win, win for everyone!

What tips and tricks have served you well regarding recommendations?

Location is Key

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Your zip code is a type of keyword on LinkedIn.

There are over a half of billion professionals on the platform - help people find you!

This five digit number gives your network a clue on where you want to land that new job or client so you come up in relevant search results.

Be strategic. Your listed zip code doesn’t have to be where you live. It can be where you work or somewhere in the middle. Are you looking to relocate? Insert your desired zip code instead. This way you will pop up in recruiter searches for your location of choice.