Overcome fear

Ride the Bicycle of Belief & Courage

belief and courage.png

When was the last time you faced one of your fears? I mean really tackled something you were scared of doing?

My daughter learned how to ride her bike without training wheels this past weekend. It was a BIG moment mostly because she conquered her fear.

The funny thing is she already learned last summer. We have a video to prove it, but she didn’t really believe she could do it. So, this summer we tried to get the bike out to ride, but she just wasn’t interested.

This past Friday, at the dinner table, she agreed to give it a go. On the first try, her bike flew out of my husband’s grip as she sped off yelling, “this is easy...I can do this!”

That evening, I learned a little bit more about the power of belief and the courage to act on it.

What ideas am I buying into that are holding me back? In what areas of my life can I take up courage and later yell back, “this is easy…I can do this!”?

What about you? How can you finish this week courageously?