Professional accomplishments

One 20-minute Exercise can impact your Career Advancement

We are obsessed with our 'to-dos' instead of 'done-well.' Have you recently taken the time to catalog your career wins?

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Each quarter set aside 20-minutes to document your professional successes. If you find yourself staring at a blank page or blinking cursor use the following prompts to jog your memory:

➤ What CHALLENGES did you face this quarter?

➤ What ACTIONS did you take in response to those challenges?

➤ What were your RESULTS?

Then, go back and quantify within the prompts as much as you can (i.e. revenue dollars, number of staff on your team, the volume produced, etc.).

💥 Boom💥 You just created bullet points to keep your resume fresh and up to date!

What is your go-to method for remembering your professional wins?

Be like the Frog: Own your Unique Value Proposition

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Being unique is hard. Take it from the frog.

After spreading out our library book haul yesterday, my three-year-old son and I read book after book plastic-covered book. At the bottom of the pile was Dev Petty's, "I Don't Want To Be A Frog" which is about, you guessed it, a frog exclaiming he doesn't want to be a frog! Instead, he wants to be a whole host of other animals with their unique capabilities. The frog thinks he is too wet, too slimy and too full of bugs.

But you know what? His three unique features save his life from a big, hairy wolf looking for lunch.

Aren't we just like the frog? Looking left and right in our workplace, the job applicant pool and in our personal life comparing (and complaining) about our distinct qualities. We would rather be like the people around us rather than different.

It isn't sameness that makes you stand out, but your differences! Own what makes you unique.

What does this mean for job seekers? Sell your unique qualities, skill set, experiences - whatever makes you, YOU! Dare to stand out, not blend in! Showcase your unique value in your resume and on Linkedin as it relates to your work and job target. Speak it out loud as you network and in your interviews. It may be the very thing that lands you the role.

What are the frog-like qualities that you shy away from? How can you use them to your advantage?

Don't Hide! Bring your Accomplishments forward with one simple Question.

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Don't make it difficult to spot your qualifications in your resume, draw attention to them! Excite your reader with your career story instead of inviting them to nap between the lines.

YOU create the narrative within the six-second scan so draw the reader in by ➡️ quantifying results, ➡️ highlighting challenges you overcame and ➡️ the action you took to get there.

Replace dense paragraphs describing your professional accomplishments with bulleted, lean achievement-driven statements. How do you get from paragraph to bullet point? Keep asking yourself, "So what?" For example:

I help customers on the phone and increase customer satisfaction.

So what?

I created a procedure for call handling to ensure calls aren't missed.

So what?

I did this so well I was asked to create the customer satisfaction function of our company improving missed customer calls.

And so on. Boil it down to quantifiable, difference-making bullet points:

▶︎ Created the company's customer satisfaction experience function from scratch.

▶︎ Decreased missed inbound calls by 30% in six weeks by developing a new call handling standard operating procedure (SOP).

It takes time and more mental brain power to express yourself succinctly. Resume writing is hard work - so be patient with yourself.

Take time to pack the punch. When you do the work on paper, it is easier to articulate your value in person.

So, keep asking yourself: "So what?"

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April Open Door Interview: Dr. Camie Wright

Camie_Open Door Interview.png

It's April’s Open Door Interview release day! As one of Indianapolis’ Monthly’s “Top Docs” and 14-year board-certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Dr. Cameual Wright took her patient’s career advice to pivot from full-time clinical practice to managed care after graduating with her MBA. 

Camie shares how words spoken over her by mentors came to pass and how her skills evolved to further her passion for health equity as Indiana's Market Medical Director at CareSource.

Listen in here.

Summary to Specific: Free Bullet Point Writing Formula

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Stuck trying to craft stellar bullet points to describe your accomplishments on your resume? Move away from summaries to specifics. For example:

- Increased profitability and reduced costs within the first year and a half in position.


- Added $1M net margin by reducing the cost of materials by 14.4% in the first 18 months of the position.

Need a bullet point breakdown? I’ve got you covered. Grab your free free bullet point writing formula here.

Celebrating a Career Win - Officially a Published Resume Writer!

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I have a page 252! Can you believe it?! One of my resumes was included in the most recent release of Resume for Dummies (8th edition)

If you are a job seeker this book will guide you from a blank page to a visually stunning resume, rich with keywords and quantifiable career wins and stories to land your dream job.

Read more about the launch of the book and the other amazing resume writer contributors here.

I am going into the weekend celebrating being a PUBLISHED resume writer!!! 

What personal or professionals wins are you celebrating this week?

Fall back in Love with you Career: Three Simple Steps

Have you fallen out of love with your career? Rekindle the flame by seeing your career path anew with these three steps:

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❣️Look in the past. I’ve had jobs that I would never want to re-live again, but I can look back and be grateful for the skills I developed and how the role contributed to my overall professional development. What are you grateful for in your career past?

❣️Look at the present. Perhaps your work environment is a bit volatile or your gig is getting old. See with new eyes today. Look for a few things that you can be thankful for. Maybe it’s just the office (insert name brand) coffee or perhaps you are celebrating big career win - either way, note it.

❣️Look to the future. Recall your career dreams. What do you hope for? What seems too ‘crazy’ to pursue? Move one step forward in pursuing your dreams today. Then do it again tomorrow and then the next day. Success is achieved through small wins. Take a step.

What gets you giddy about your career?

Small Wins: A Daily Practice Boosts Creativity and Happiness at Work

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Are you happy at work?

We spend most of our time in the workplace and many of our feelings of success are tied to our professional identity.

Teresa Amabile & Steven Kramer in their book The Progress Principle: Using Small Wins to Ignite Joy, Engagement & Creativity At Work, call this our inner work life - the perceptions, emotions and motivations, that people experience and react to in the workplace.

Amabile and Kramer found that over 28% of small events trigger big reactions. In fact, seemingly unimportant events can have a huge impact on our inner work life.

This is where our positivity comes in. When we feel valued and have positive perceptions about our organization and executive leadership, we cultivate positive emotions and intrinsic motivation toward our work. We have greater flexibility, become creative problem solvers and negotiators and are better equipped to tackle setbacks.

How can you boost your positivity when your workplace is less than ideal? Note your small wins throughout the day and your progress in your work. Face challenges? Who doesn't!? Write down your plan of attack for the next day. Make this a habit and you will be more positive at work and also have a healthier inner work life.

Implementing this daily exercise at the end of each workday makes your professional wins easily accessible to share in an annual review and to update your resume each quarter.

Name That Tune: A Mantra That Changes Everything

🎶 “Every day, in every way, we’re getting better and better…we’re getting better and better”🎵

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This was the theme song to my kids’ track team last spring. At the end of every practice, after the kids ran their laps and cooled down, the team would gather in a circle, put their hands in and sing this song.

You know the funny thing? My husband and I still sing it. We sing it to each other. We sing it over our kids.

We are all a work in progress. If the goal is just to aim a little higher, do a little better – we can win each day even when it seems we aren’t getting very far. And you know what? It keeps me hopeful!

Aiming higher in the short-term adds up to long-term growth. You’ll look back and see how each small aim led closer and closer to a bullseye.

So put on your proverbial headphones and hum this tune in your daily efforts and all the way through the finish line of your accomplishments.

What goals are you trying to achieve by the end of the year?

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Wake Up Your Resume: Share Your Accomplishments

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Are you bored reading your resume? Guess what? Other people are too!

Brighten it up with new language. Ditch phrases like “responsible for” and “duties include.” Instead choose sharp, descriptive action verbs to detail your professional accomplishments.

That’s right, your accomplishments. No need to regurgitate your job description. Your reader is interested in YOU - the actual PERSON behind the job. Detail how you address challenges in front of you. Share your results! In fact, lead with them in your bullet points.

Your past accomplishments indicate your future value to a prospective employer. Greet your reader with enthusiasm and your unique value.

Need help with snooze-worthy bullet points? Wake up your resume with our free bullet point writing formula.