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Three Tips to Uncover Your Value through Resume Writing

Resume writing is a strenuous process. But like all hard things, the work is worth it.

I recently was chatting with a client who purchased my resume branding workbook. She had a seemingly unconnected work history with leaps and jumps. She had a hard time connecting the dots so she knew employers would too.

She was trying to establish credibility in a new field and was thinking of pursuing a graduate degree. Once she identified themes and the connective tissue of her work life in the resume writing process- her value popped before her eyes. Graduate work didn't seem so important anymore.

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Do you know you know your value? Can you communicate what you uniquely bring to the table? If you are in the same struggle:

▶︎ Identify your strengths. Reflect on what skills you like using. What do others acknowledge in you? What are you consistently asked to do?

▶︎ Look for themes in your professional history. Layout your past and see what themes emerge. Do you typically volunteer to manage projects? Have you always enjoyed leading teams? Are you first to see the solution to a problem?

▶︎ Compare yourself to typical applicants. In other words, identify your unique value proposition. What experience, skill, credential or accomplishment makes you different from others that will typically apply. Once you identify it, own it!

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Does your Resume fall into the Information Trap? Three Tell-Tale Signs

Are you informing or selling? Many resumes that land on my desk share an abundance of information without discernment towards a job target. Resumes with a lack of focus do not perform. Do you fall into the informing trap?

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INFORMING looks like:

🚫 Copy and pasting your job description into your resume.

🚫 A laundry list of professional positions and community activities you've participated in.

🚫 Blocks of text with lengthy descriptions that lack accomplishments.


✅ Articulating your unique professional accomplishments that demonstrate your value towards company pain points.

✅ Carefully organizing and discerning which jobs to include and where (within a 10-15 year time frame) to create a coherent and thoughtful narrative.

✅ Using the top third of your resume to market yourself toward a specific job (using a headline and branding statement).

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Is there a New Way to Write Resumes in 2019? The NRWA Experts Answer!

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It is a privilege to be featured on The National Resume Writer’s Association’s Ask the Experts blog with other certified resume writers this week answering the question: I realize resumes have changed over time; is there a new way of writing resumes in 2019 and beyond?

You can check out the round-up of answers here. Most focus on the importance of:

▶︎ Concise Writing. Attention-spans are short and recruiters/hiring managers first scan a resume, so include only relevant career history focusing on achievements and results instead of job functions

▶︎ Your personal brand. Showcase what you can do for a company instead of describing what you want in a job in an old-school objective statement. Articulate your value clearly in your resume and LinkedIn profile.

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▶︎ Modern format and design elements. Consider color and modern design elements to drive how you will deliver results for a company.

3 Attention-Grabbing Features that ensure Recruiters Read your Resume

Recruiters are lingering 1.4 seconds longer on your resume according to The Ladders, Inc. 2018 Eye-Tracking Study. From 6 seconds in 2012 to now 7.4 seconds in 2018, recruiters are spending more time with your resume.

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Are you applying with confidence or committing resume faux-pas?

The worst resumes, according to the study, leave little white space, include keywords out of context (i.e. keyword stuffing) and have a chaotic format.

What ensures a lengthier look from a recruiter? Note three commonalities among high performing resumes:

  1. A simple layout: Clear headings and text within a format that reads in an “E” or “F” pattern.

  2. Bold job titles with professional accomplishments bulleted underneath.

  3. A branded statement within the top-third of the resume.

Unsure your resume is up to par?

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Give Career Fulfillment This Christmas

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Happy Cyber Monday! As you sift through the deals of the day, consider giving the long-lasting gift of career fulfillment and hope (for under ten bucks)!

Grab our resume branding mini-workbook ($8.99) to guide you or a loved one through our branded statement writing formula, that ensures you can:

➝ Communicate the best blend of your skill set to win interviews.

➝ Infuse professional accomplishments into your resume.

➝ Locate keywords in a job posting to tweak your resume for your application.

➝ Craft a statement that showcases your value and sets you apart from the crowd.

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There's Still Time to Job Search in 2018

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It’s not too late to job search in quarter four!

Most companies that have job openings now want to fill them before the new year. Grab that leftover turkey, make a sandwich and get to work showcasing your value on your career documents:

📌 Know your unique value proposition (UVP) and capitalize on it. Articulate what makes you unique compared to other applicants.

📌 Don’t just say it; prove it! Avoid copy and pasting your job description and instead state and quantify your accomplishments in each role.

📌 Use the job posting as a keyword map. Focus on the repeated themes and qualifications found in the posting as a way to organize your resume.

Don't want to go at it alone? Download our resume branding mini-workbook for guidance here.

Make the best of the rest of 2018. Go for it!

Develop Skills With Intentionality

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Nothing like a snow day in central Indiana to slow you down.

While I take stock of ingredients today to cook up a baked treat with my kids, it reminds me what I’ve been reading regarding “deliberate practice” in Angela Duckworth’s book, Grit.

I’ve never been good at baking and honestly, getting out and dirtying all the kitchen things to do one of my most dreaded chores (washing dishes) always sways me to another activity despite a sweet reward.

But this holiday season, I’m aiming to establish traditions around baking with my family that I have yet to create. “Deliberate practice” is more than just logging hours and hours of a new skill, but in being intentional in the practicing of it.

With baking it might be trying a recipe a few different ways, adding a smidge here or there of an ingredient, commenting on a recipe noting what worked and what didn’t and having honest taste testers (I have three little ones of those;) reflect which was the most successful.

What skill do you want to improve or add to your skill set? What deliberate measures can you take to practice honing it? Mastering a skill adds to your value and brand.

Need help articulating it on your resume? Invest in our mini-workbook.

Three Resume Tips That Make ALL The Difference!

I really enjoyed spending an hour in my corner office at Hinge HQ (yep, a sweet little nook in my home 😉) chatting with Clemson University graduate students about modern resume writing principles for their upcoming job search.

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⭐︎A few takeaways⭐︎

📌 Your resume is a marketing document, not an obituary. No need to include all your work history and details about your life. Include what is relevant to your job target.

📌 Ditch the old school objective statement at the top of your resume and instead, replace with a branded statement.

📌 Articulate your accomplishments to indicate your future value.

Need help in any of these areas? Check out our resume branding mini-workbook for more guidance.

ONE Trick To TRIPLE Your Interview Chances!

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I’m not lucky. I’ve never won a raffle or a contest and believe me, I’ve entered my fair share.

A friend even told me a “fool-proof” trick: bend the corner of your paper ticket when entering a drawing to ensure your number will be called. Nope. No such guarantee for this girl.

Job seekers, you may be relying on your superstitious tricks or a lucky rabbit’s foot without any luck too. For you, I have good news.

According to Jobscan [dot] co, an applicant can triple their chances of landing an interview when they tailor their resume towards a job posting.

TRIPLE! That sounds like much better odds.

So, set a timer for 20 minutes and start tweaking! Note the qualifications and themes represented in the role to influence your resume while also mirroring the posting’s language.

This is just one way a job seeker can increase their odds to land an interview. What have you found effective?

If you need additional guidance on how to tweak your resume, download our resume branding mini-workbook.

NEW! Resume Branding Mini-Workbook

You have room for one more treat post-Halloween.🍬

Hinge Resume’s new resume branding mini-workbook is available for download! It’s full of DIY exercises, how-tos, and examples to brand your resume to open doors to your next opportunity.

After working through our branded statement writing formula, you will be able to:

➝ Communicate the best blend of your skillset towards your job target to win interviews.

➝ Infuse professional accomplishments into your resume.

➝ Locate keywords in a job posting to tweak your resume for your application.

➝ Craft a statement that showcases your value and sets you apart from the crowd.

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