Add a Badge: LinkedIn’s Newest Skill Assessment Feature

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Add badges of skill to your Linkedin profile that recruiters will notice.


With LinkedIn's newest feature: Skills Assessment.


33 skill tests are currently available mostly for tech-related skills. If you pass the multiple-choice skill quiz you earn a badge for your profile verifying that skill. The tests are on the honor system and have to be renewed annually to retain the profile badge.

A sample assessment question, per LinkedIn Help, for JavaScript at the beginner level, for example, is: What is the HTTP verb to request the contents of an existing resource?


You can find the skill tests available as a button in your skills and endorsements section.


Now! The new feature rolled out globally this week. More tests coming soon!


A competitive edge. Recruiters will be using badges as a new way to filter the candidate pool for matches to job openings.

You'll be found. Companies will also be able to target paid job ads for candidates with a verifiable skillset.

Want to learn more? Read TechCrunch’s take here.

April Open Door Interview: Dr. Camie Wright

Camie_Open Door Interview.png

It's April’s Open Door Interview release day! As one of Indianapolis’ Monthly’s “Top Docs” and 14-year board-certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Dr. Cameual Wright took her patient’s career advice to pivot from full-time clinical practice to managed care after graduating with her MBA. 

Camie shares how words spoken over her by mentors came to pass and how her skills evolved to further her passion for health equity as Indiana's Market Medical Director at CareSource.

Listen in here.

Fall back in Love with you Career: Three Simple Steps

Have you fallen out of love with your career? Rekindle the flame by seeing your career path anew with these three steps:

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❣️Look in the past. I’ve had jobs that I would never want to re-live again, but I can look back and be grateful for the skills I developed and how the role contributed to my overall professional development. What are you grateful for in your career past?

❣️Look at the present. Perhaps your work environment is a bit volatile or your gig is getting old. See with new eyes today. Look for a few things that you can be thankful for. Maybe it’s just the office (insert name brand) coffee or perhaps you are celebrating big career win - either way, note it.

❣️Look to the future. Recall your career dreams. What do you hope for? What seems too ‘crazy’ to pursue? Move one step forward in pursuing your dreams today. Then do it again tomorrow and then the next day. Success is achieved through small wins. Take a step.

What gets you giddy about your career?