Work/life balance

Wanted: Flexible Work Schedules

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Do you want more control over your time at work? You are in the majority.

According to Robert Half, an HR consulting firm, 88% of employees surveyed wanted a flexible work schedule with only 62% of employers offering flexibility. 66% wanted a compressed work week with only 17% of companies offering the option.

While employers are slow to the punch, experts say flexibility is in our future. A tight labor market will catalyze this direction.

So when it comes time to negotiate for your next role or advancement in your annual review - think 'out of the office' and propose flexible solutions that are conducive to both your employer and your personal/work life balance.

Check out the recent CNBC article about the topic here.

Flip the Narrative of Work / Life Balance

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For most of us work/life balance is a constant struggle, right?

Adam Grant gave me permission to experience freedom in this area via Entreleadership's podcast to switch the narrative!

Replace BALANCE with work/life MANAGEMENT...and breathe a sigh of relief.

I may not be able to keep all the plates spinning in perfect balance all the time, but I can manage them. It gives me freedom to drop a few or focus on some at certain periods of time. Check out the episode (#268) here: