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Don't Let Being Remote Work Against You

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You can't be in two places at once. A groundbreaking concept I know.

University of California-Santa Barbara researchers study found that office face time leads to greater career advancement due to perceived productivity and commitment. What does this mean for approximately 3.9 million U.S. remote workers?

According to a recent Business Insider article, remote workers prove their commitment by blurring work/life boundaries and work overtime to compensate for their lack of office presence.

Remote workers, how do you counteract this phenomenon without risking burn out? A few ideas:

▶︎ Ditch audio for video. Show your face in meetings. Choose video when available.

▶︎ Responsive e-presence. Whether it is email, Facetime, Slack, etc. Be available to chat for productivity-sake and just plain office banter. Choose the most personal presence for difficult conversations.

▶︎ Be proactive in team processes. Ensure you are well-looped into communication and business processes.

Are You Facing Obstacles? Return to Work with Confidence!

Flexjobs surveyed over 900 Stay at Home (SAH) parents about their decision to return to work. 58% of SAH parents surveyed took more time away from work than they expected. What obstacles did they face to return?

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The study found their barriers were:

Don’t want or can’t be in an office full-time: 59%

Don’t know how to find a job that fits my life: 54%

Don’t know what I want to do for work: 36%

Don’t know where to begin: 34%

Don’t have networking contacts/stayed in contact with them: 33%

Not sure how to balance career and family: 31%

Need an updated or new resume: 30%

Don’t want to go back to the same career: 27%

Lack of confidence: 25%

The local job market isn’t great: 22%

Haven’t kept up my skills: 23%

Need guidance or coaching: 19%

Commuting to work is prohibitive: 17%

Are you stuck in your return to work strategy? Start by unlocking your career focus! Download our free DIY tip sheet to get started and gain confidence!

Remote Work is here to Stay: Is it right for You?

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Remote work is here to stay. It's not all laptop beach photos and working in your PJs. Remote workers report feelings of loneliness and isolation in Buffer's State of Remote Work 2019 report. A few considerations to ponder before accepting a remote gig.

According to those surveyed, 99% of remote workers want to work remotely (at least some of the time) for the rest of their careers. 95% of those same workers encouraged others to do the same.

Amir Salihefendic, CEO of Doist, said “remote work isn't just a different way to work – it's a different way to live," with workers enjoying a great sense of flexibility for both work and play.

However, many in-office professionals don't see behind the sexy side of remote work. 22% of remote workers have difficulty unplugging from work and 19% experience loneliness, a slight uptick from Buffer's 2018 report.

When on the hunt for a new gig, consider if remote work is right for you. Take into account:

+ A workspace in your home. 84% surveyed work from home. Ensure you have an area that is primarily dedicated to your work in the hours you need it.

+ Remote costs. Most companies do not cover costs associated with working remotely like the internet, a co-working membership or drinks when working from your local coffee shop.

+ A community to support you. To combat feelings of isolation and loneliness ensure there is collaboration across company channels as well as in your personal life.