Let’s open the door.

Do you ever wonder how successful women get to where they are? What sequence of doors did they open or pass by? Who impacted them? What advice did they take and which did they discard?

Join my monthly conversations with successful female leaders who share about their straight (and not so straight) career paths and the unlikely doors they opened to get where they are today! Perhaps it will lead to opening new doors of your own.

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The Open Door Interview

Monthly Audio Series

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Starla Hart: Community Service scholar to director of community initiatives

Do you have a full circle career moment? Starla, Director of Community Initiatives at 16 Tech, does! She assumed the role of her undergraduate mentor that led her to the work she is doing today! In our conversation, she shares how the strength of her network helped her overcome obstacles both personally and professionally and how taking a big risk has opened doors that changed everything for her.

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Libby Baney: Lawyer to Digital Healthcare Consultant

Libby is a dynamic public policy advocate, strategist and facilitator. She works primarily on policies and issues confronting health stakeholders, particularly digital health (basically where the internet, technology and health meet) in Washington D.C. 

She attributes her career success to her curiosity and willingness to grow even when she wasn't "ready." We talk about her childhood career heroine, Barbara Walters, and how her dream of being her really did come true...well, sort of, as we both agreed there is only one Barbara Walters! Hear how Libby makes a global impact through her work and the doors that opened for her to do so!


Frances Samarripa: Hair stylist to Art center Founder

Meet Fran! She is the owner of Line+Form Art Center, a process art studio located in Indianapolis, and the founder of the ProcessEd Conference. [Register for June 2019].

Hear about the project that captured her love of art (hint: a paper mache sea creature, you didn’t see that coming, did you?) and how she began her professional career as a hair stylist. We chat about how her own experiences in art therapy led to her vision of Line + Form Art Center and how she champions process over the finished product in both her art and business.


erika parker price: Product manager to podcaster

Erika spent a dozen years working for leading companies like Microsoft and Intel. When she hit a wall balancing work and family life, she decided to hit pause on her career to raise her two kids. Her return-to-work story has everything to do with lessons she learned from both phases of her life especially now as a podcaster of the Ready Pause Go podcast. Erika shares how she struggled to introduce herself after leaving the workforce and how her belief in showing up authentically, no matter the place, landed her a job on an airplane.


Camie Wright: OB-GYN to Medical Director

As one of Indianapolis’ Monthly’s “Top Docs” and 14-year board-certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Dr. Cameual Wright took her patient’s career advice to pivot from full-time clinical practice to managed care after graduating with her MBA. Camie shares how words spoken over her by mentors came to pass and how her skills evolved to further her passion for health equity as Indiana's Market Medical Director at CareSource.


Deb kent: Writer to Real Estate Broker

From award-winning writer to Indy's Best Realtor by NUVO magazine, Deb, Realtor and President of Gallery of Homes Real Estate has a career she never imagined for herself. She shares how an addiction to HGTV and deep desire for a career change led her to get her real estate license in 2012 and start her own brokerage in 2016. Deb divulges her secret to success in all aspects of her career - writer, museum founder and even as a radio host! Listen in and delight in the power of discovery and perseverance through Deb’s story.


Sloane Thompson: Career CounSelor to Ceo

Sloane is passionate about leading Pink Leaf in its mission to engage youth in meaningful experiences and develop support networks that will facilitate their successful transition into adulthood. She holds a Masters degree in Educational Psychology from Indiana University. Sloane shares how her love and desire to pursue higher education all started with her Mom and how her struggle with her identity as an adoptee led to her first on-campus job that influenced her long-term career trajectory.


BEVERLEY STAFFORD: Volunteer to executive director

Meet Beverley, Executive Director of the National MS Society. She gives us a peek inside her career path from volunteer to Executive Director and how staying present and scrappy has benefitted her along the way.