Get your foot in the door.

Today, the job search is internet-focused and technology driven. The first look of a resume and cover letter are commonly seen by applicant tracking systems (ATS) instead of human eyes. Career documents must contain particular keywords to get to the desk of a person who can offer an interview.

Once your resume makes it to the decision-maker's desk, your resume on average has 6-7 seconds to make an impression and be placed in the "yes" pile. Check your stress of explaining your value at the door and add more hours into your day by employing us to get you hired. 

Certified and published resume writer, Meg Applegate, showcases your career accomplishments with a sharp, keyword-rich message in a fresh format to open your door of opportunity. Let her do the time-consuming work to equip you to land the interview and step into the job of your dreams. 

I came to Hinge Resume because I was restless in my career and ready for change, but unable to effectively communicate my worth to prospective employers. Since working with Meg, I’ve taken on a new role with increased compensation.
— Andrea R., Director in Publishing

Resume Writing process


Client collaboration

  • Upon purchase of service, complete a short client survey.

  • Send most recent resume and 1-2 job postings of interest.

  • Complete a one hour phone call with Meg.

Meg’s method

  • Review client materials and write resume within 5-7 business days.

  • Collaborate with client for up to 3 rounds of edits.

  • Email your final resume in Microsoft Word and PDF format.